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O’Neill: The Mission

My role on this project was to help advise on the technicalities of producing the sites, taking designs from a third party and building them into a bespoke CMS. Also provided technical backup during events and assistance polishing the published content.

The sites allowed event organisers to publish competition information before, during and after the event. Providing competitors with the information leading up to an event, updating and publishing results during events, giving the daily conditions and weather forecasts plus much much more.

Release Date May 2006
Responsibility Consultancy
Web design
Commission Juretic Media

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O’Neill were one of the first major brands to fully embrace the internet and include video voting as part of their event competition websites, first introduced in 2006 for ‘the mission’ open surf competition in Tahiti. At the end of the day videos of all the riders were published on the site for people to watch and cast their vote for their favourite riders.

Technology has progressed considerably since these humble beginnings, with hardcore fleets of vehicles and serious satellite broad brand capabilities! But everything starts somewhere and it was a privilege to work on these projects.