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Get involved they said .. it’ll be fun they said!

Earlier this year I was asked if I wanted to get involved with an open source project called Adapt Learning with a focus on the user experience and interface design of the authoring tool.

At that time all I knew was the design challenge would be a complex one which in turn made it too tempting to say no and now I’ve somehow found my way onto the steering group of the project.

That means I am now the Adapt Authoring Tool ‐ Design Lead (User experience and usability), basically guiding the interface design of the authoring tool alongside a small group of designers causing trouble within a sea of developers. This promises to be fun :)

In design terms the Adapt Learning authoring tool starts from a blank sheet of paper and that provides us an enviable scope to help shape the future of responsive, innovative, accessible e-learning design.

There is already a wealth of talent on the project and I am massively excited and really very grateful for the opportunity to get involved.

You can read all about Adapt Learning on their website but in short Adapt Learning is an educationally focused, open source framework that can deliver a single piece of responsive e-learning content across a multitude of devices like desktops, phones, and tablets.

Pretty much any modern device with a screen that can run HTML5 can run Adapt content which includes smart watches and google glasses!

But it’s not just about responsive design and single-source content. Adapt brings a shiny-new and innovative approach to traditional e-learning design and technology that slots into the modernly hectic and demanding world of today.

Simply put .. it’s AWESOME (and is free!)

If you don’t believe me have a read of some of the noise Adapt Learning is generating, watch a sneak preview of authoring tool in action and if you’re really interested get yourself involved.

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